Friday, January 13, 2012

Sorry to say but ...

Dear blog followers,
I am so sorry to say ...
I am now in Volgograd,
And so I opened a new blog,
For the period when i am staying in Volgograd,
So I will be owes updating that blog,
But I will still update this blog whenever i am 
OUT of Volgograd ...
Hehex .. For example, summer or winter holidays,
And so on ... =D
So catch up with me ...
Click HERE and go read and follow it. (If you want)
Thanks for all of you reading my blog! =D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First post from my phone.

Recently I downloaded an apps. Blogger. Nothing do and just read thru a few of my past post. Then i just realised, how pro I am to write those post, so confusing for others who dont know me or mayb only I understand. Whoa. When i read back, even me have to read back a few times to understand.. Clap for myself.. Haha.. But I shall make everything straight forward if I can from now on. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OH MY !!

Today i wanted to create a blog for volgograd friends ...
but something came up then i postponed it ...
so i will be updating a bit here first ...

Today something came up,
upset me and I reli don have the mood.
I went out with a friend..
Without my winter cloth..
Just jacket. Cold but worth.
Worth by both way.
Hope to freeze myself and also..
Its worth to go out with that friend.

Our last destination is McDonald.
We ate beef roll there and french fries.
Talk talk and play around with my phone.
Then we went back hostel.
When I reached my room,
I then realise my phone is missing.
So I quickly ran to my friend and asked.
It was not there.
So we keep on calling my phone and a lady picked up.
She asked us to go McD to get my phone.
She told my friend to bring my passport.
Luckily my friend told me and i brought.

Went there,
sit in McD and dont know how to ask.
Just keep on calling my phone,
but no one picked up!!
OH MY !!
Luckily finally they saw us and picked up the phone.
So they wrote my name on the form,
asked me to sign then gave back to me.
I was so scared eventho not my first time.
Now I am back in my hostel safely WITH MY PHONE !!
So glad that they give it back to me.
I have no idea why i didnt check my pocket before i left.
I owes do that before i left anywhere.
Maybe today is just not me.
My soul is not with me i guess.
Hope I wont lost it again !!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update I am in Volgograd now studying

It has been so long i didnt update my blog ..
I am not get used to writing blog yet ..
over here in Russia ...

I first came here on 27/9/2011,
with a girl named Esther ..
Both of us had fun all the way from Malaysia,
to KLIA,
to Dubai,
to Moscow,
and to Volgograd...
We are so talkative that some of them complained.. xD
It's a great memory and i dont think its gonna happen again.
After that, we met new friends,
celebrated all kinds of celebration here..
Let's see...
Food prepared by seniors for welcoming us.

First celebration with chinese seniors.
A farewell party for one of our church mate..
Christmas tree. (We bought the it!)

Solstice festival. Tang yuan for everyone. *yummy*
Those who were invited to christmas party.

Food prepared by organizers. =P

Singing carols. (Its fun!)

Actually there is 1 more, 
Deepavali festival !!
Too bad i dont have the photos..

Now, I am studying quite well,
nothing hard yet,
they (seniors) say first year is harder.
We are looking forward to that.
Now we are just enjoying and relaxing our life.
Chinese new year is around the corner !
Will update again soon.
Gonna open a new blog just for my Volgograd-ians.
All are welcome to read that blog too..
Will post the link to facebook. 
Thank God for everything is fine and in one piece.
Easy happy life.
Catch up for the next post !