Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still in Volgograd

I am currently still in Volgograd ..
but in 2 months time ..
I am going back to Malaysia for summer holidays ..
I decided to blog here because it's for 1 of my friends ..
Old friend ..
*Old as in past, not old as in age*
She has always being so protected ..
by her family, her friends ..
Only when she went through all the hardship ..
That no one can protect her from ..
She learnt to protect herself ..
But I would say ..
She put up a barrier between her and others ..
It's not a bad thing nor a good thing ..
She just have the kind of look that ,
whenever you see her,
you feel like want to protect her ..
Being her protector,
even though no longer can protect her,
still feel sad and oddly heartache whenever
you get to know that she is hurted ..
She can be strong ..
but just a hard cover of her ..
after all those sorrows she went through ..
She is still so fragile but she would not admit ..
Matured but still pure in heart ..
She might no longer need protection with her hard cover on ..
but whenever she take a rest and take off the hard cover ..
she still needs someone to ly on ..
ly on the shoulder of somebody ..
so.. I just hope she can find someone to protect her ..
from time to time ..
take care of her ..
and accept everything of hers ..
understand the little princess ..
who will always be and always is the same ..